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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 16, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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includes things like tax breaks for small businesses, tax breaks for companies that bring jobs back to america's shores, also help for homeowners who are struggling. it's important to note that similar initiatives have already been put to the test in congress and have failed. house speaker john boehner has called the president's to-do list gimmicky. it's against that backdrop that this meeting begins. and house speaker john boehner is bringing back the debt ceiling debate, drawing a line in the sand already saying he's not going to approve any increase in the debt limit that is not offset by spending cuts and also saying he will refuse any tax increases and the republicans are saying they're going to fight to extend the bush era tax cuts that are going to end at the end of this year. all of that, the debt ceiling and the tax cuts expected to come up at the end of the year. not a lot of hope that tangible
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results will come out of this meeting and again, this is coming against an election year. so that makes it all the more difficult to come to the table and agree on those issues. but those are the key issues that will be discussed at this meeting. >> kristen welker at the white house this morning. kristen, thank you. and while a debt ceiling do over looms in washington f presumptive gop nominee also is focusing on debt on the campaign trail. romney was on the stump this morning taking this dig at the president. >> if this president were able to stay in office another four years, that number is going to get larger and larger and larger. it's high time that we have a president that will stop that this spending and before rowing inferno and i will get it done. >> jackit's great to see the th of you this morning.
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jackie, i want to start with you, because in nbc's first read, it's calling this "kill bill volume 2" do republicans really want a quentin tarantino like -- and is there a way when we look at this from the other perspective, when they do that does it ultimately help mitt romney? >> i don't know if they're going to be able to start the fight, i don't know if they're going to be able to finish it this year, because there isn't a lot of congress left. getting these issues back out that they want to talk about, getting that back into the public arena. i don't think anyone, i don't think it's good for anyone to have another debt ceiling fight like we did over the last summer. it was hard for any of the presidential candidates to even talk about it because it was so divisive and so unpopular. >> in a noon speech in ohio, joe biden is expected to hammer mitt romney again on his record at bain capital. according to the excerpts, biden
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is going to say then there's romney's economics which says as long as the government helps the guys at the very top do well, workers and small businesses and communities can be left to fend for themselves. so really he's talking about the workers who were left with nothing while romney walked away with millions out of bain capital. is that fair to use romney's business record against him? >> i don't think that that's really where they want to go because if they start -- they're trying to make his biggest strength is his biggest weakness. and i realize that that's part of the political gain, but they should really be focusing on his record as governor of massachusetts if they really want to get him. i think his record as a businessman is great. but on the other hand, it's not like the democrats are really so great on the budget. you look at what happened with obama's budget that he proposed in march i believe, and it got absolutely no votes in the house. it completely flunked. you talk about who's arriving
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with actual solutions, the president isn't doing that. >> in the usa today gallup poll that showed mitt romney would best handle the economy, the obama campaign trying to chip away on romney's lead on that front. wouldn't they be better to focus on the president's strengths instead of focusing on mitt romney? >> they are going to focus on the president's positives, but you cannot ignore romney's record as governor, hi was 47th in job creation when he was at bain. he was pretty good at creating profits but he flipped companies and laid off workers, and that's going to be an important part of the conversation on top of the president's record of creating jobs in the private sector. you can have both conversations at the same time. >> meanwhile mitt romney continues to steam ahead with this nomination in nebraska and idaho yesterday, now he's just
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155 delegates shy from the 1144 that he needs to clinch the nomination. and governmepresident bush gave luke wawarm endorsement of mitt romney? he was asked do you support mitt romney and he said, yes, i support mitt romney. >> president bush know s he's nt the most popular person and him doing a big endorsement wouldn't have been good for mitt romney. i think it was as much lukewarm as it was, you know, i think they know, he hasn't been politically active really at all since he left office. >> does this make it even jokier, though, the fact that the elevators doors are closing in the spirit of reporting?
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they sat down with mitt rom nnd aappeared with him and gave their endorsement. i doubt that barbara bush is going to be saying way to go george about the closing elevator doors endorsement. >> i think that jeb bush tweeting out his endorsement is actually a fun way to do it, it's a great network and it's a great way to get that endorsement out. as for george w. bush's role, i think that bush has seen himself as a person who has wanted to move on from simply to politics, he understands the severity and the reality of that office and i think that he's reluctant to get back into that fight. and it's understandable why. >> so, doug, mitt romney continues to invoke the name of
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another former president, bill clinton on the campaign trail. and take a look at this latest mention. >> bill clinton announced that the era of big government was over, president obama tucked away the clinton doctrine in his large drawer of discarded ideas along with transparency and bipartisanship. it's enough to make you wonder if maybe it was a personal beef with the clintons, but probably that runs much deeper than that. >> so president clinton not taking that one lying down, he responded to mitt romney yesterday, look at this. >> a moderate republican friend of mine in new york, who is going to vote for romney, by the way, said, gosh, you know, he said that guy they ought to give him a promotion, he told the truth. >> why does the romney camp think it's a good idea, smart politics to bring up bill clinton's name, unlike reagan, bill clinton is here to respond, he can fire back? >> i actually don't know. i think pandering to bill clinton, someone who is popular with a lot of different
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demographics, but what it does is it just validates bill clinton and gives him credibility so when bill clinton criticizes mitt romney, it makes those criticisms all the more effective. and also, i mean, look, the base of the republican party loathes bill clinton. and this is the party that impeached him. so i just think with mitt romney's kind of peak standing with bill clinton. this guy will say just about anything in the course of this election and i think he's glen straiting that. >> it's not an embrace. this is romney making a play for independence in the way that he has been throughout this whole season. it's fairly smart of him and yeah, sure, clinton can fire back, but look, president obama has not been the kind of centrist president that bill clinton was and i think it's important for romney to point this out. that this guy is not a center left democratic president. this is a guy who's been, you know, administering from the hard left, and that at least romney can bring the country
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together. and i think that that's a valid point. >> i wish republicans said that line when bill clinton was in office. i don't think they did. >> do you think that when bill clinton was in office, it really compares and contrasts to the situation of what president obama has had to deal with while he was in office? >> yeah, sure, absolutely, i mean he was campaigning on the economy. obama was campaigning on the economy. and then at one point, clinton decided that he was going to negotiate with republicans and make a compromise. and he did. he did reform a lot of programs, but you have obama's empty promises on cutting spending and on resolving our economic issues and he is refusing to cooperate with congress. >> and i think republicans refuse to compromise. you have zero votes on obama's proposal. zero votes. >> great to see all three of you. new developments to talk about in the john edwards trial, the defense on the verge of
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resting without calling john edwards daughter, kate, his mistress rielle hunter or even john edwards himself to the stand. plus to protect and serve or kill. mississippi police officer now searching for a murder suspect they believe is dressed as one of their own. we're going to talk to the california democratic congresswoman jackie spear coming up next. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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suspicious, that's how a lawyer for trayvon martin's family is describing this new report that details injuries allegedly sustained by their son's accused killer george zimmerman. the report shows that zimmerman suffered eed broken nose, swoll
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lips and lacerations on his head. how does this report stack up against what we know about this case and how george zimmerman's account of that night went down. >> well, in some respects, it supports some of what's already out there, and the initial police report, there were references to george zimmerman's suffering injuries that night, the night of the confrontation with trayvon martin. people raise some questions about that because we saw video from that night at the police headquarters in which it didn't -- the injuries did not appear to be visible. but this report was written by the doctor he saw the next day. and the doctor does record the kinds of injuries that you mentioned before, the broken nose, the swollen lips, the black eyes. in addition as well as some other details including that the
11:15 am
doctor, this is the family doctor for the zimmermans recommended that george zimmerman see a psychologist because he, zimmerman had reported that he was feeling nauseous even thinking about the incident. so the totality of all this would seem to help zimmerman's defense that he only shot trayvon martin because he was trying to defend himself during a physical confrontation, a violent confrontation between the two of them. however it doesn't answer what is obviously a critical question, who initiated that confrontation. how did it begin? and that's something that this report can't answer. >> nbc's national investigative correspondent michael sanford. thank you. the gop -- the white house has put the republican controlled house on notice that protections in this bill, well they do go far enough. the senate passed a
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reauthorization of the 1994 act. i'm joined now by california congresswoman jackie spear, an outspoken advocate of women's rights. les just remind everyone that this originally passed overwhelmingly, it's been twice renewed without a fight. as the environment in congress become so toxic that even an issue that should be kind of straight forward, a no-brainer like helping battered women become this political hot potato? >> i would agree with you actually. the toxic environment is something that for members who have been here for a long time say they have never seen anything like it, we are talking about violence in the home, domestic violence, why would anyone be for that? why would we not want to throw the net as comprehensively as possible, so that native american women, so that gays and less beeians who are in the -- young people in college
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environments can have that kind of protection and have that kind of record kept about the cases. this is something where it is overwhelmingly supported by both parties in the senate, it should be overwhelmingly supported in the house and in fact there are now republican moderates who are stepping out and speaking out and saying that the bill is flawed and that we should go back to look at the senate version or a similar version by judy biggert. >> congresswoman sandy adams is going to appear with us this hour is going to rework language to include coverage of immigrants, native americans but still does not include the lgbt community. here's what the congresswoman kathy mcmorris roberts said last night on "hardball." >> why don't you cover people who are not in a traditional marriage?
11:18 am
why would you limit it to just tradition marriage folks? >> it's a side issue that's been added to this bill. >> it's not a side issue if you're being beat up by your partner, it's your life. >> there's nothing under federal law that currently recognizes same-sex couples. >> congresswoman, first have you seen the amendment and what do you make of them excluding same-sex couples? >> i have not yet seen the amendment, they're obviously getting a lot of heat from their own membership and that's why this manager's amendment is being posted. i would say to the republican restriction on making this law cover same-sex couples is really preposterous. if we're talking about making sure there's not violence in the home, regardless of what the makeup of that relationship is, we don't want violence in the home. and people that become victims of violence in the home should be able to access the services that would be provided through
11:19 am
the law which has been there for domestic partners who are not married as well. so it is really unsustainable argument that's being made by some of my republican colleagues and i'm hopeful that before this is over, they're going to do what the senate did, which is embrace it. >> members of the gop, they have denied that there is this waged war against women, they don't even like that title. but 14 republican women calling this so-called war on women a myth, that republican women would not be part of a party that didn't believe in equal rights, equal pay for equal work. how do you respond to that and that the war on women argument could backfire against democrats? >> actually, i think the assault on women, i don't like calling it a war myself, the assault on women is real. and you can go into any community in this county right now and women who are over the able of 45 are absolutely
11:20 am
feeling it in their gut. and for the first time in many years, feeling compelled to take a stand and i think what's happening among my republican sisters is that they have to acce step out now because it's getting too hot in their communities. the truth is there has been an assault on women. and you can look at it in the state senate where there have been over 900 bills to restraigrestrict access to reproductive health. 95 to 95% of them have used some form of contraception in their lives. and yet, they're not willing to speak up. so either they're being silenced by the gop majority, or they are not really speaking out on behalf of women.
11:21 am
>> congresswoman spears, thank you for come on. and sandy adams is going to join us live at 11:40. jpmorgan ceo jamie dimon is -- it is a rare man who can be that tough on the field and also have his own line of underwear. david beckham is that man. >> oh, yeah, he did it, president obama actually went there with soccer star david beckham. detai details ahead.
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dive suffered by jpmorgan chase is at the root of that decision as to how the company proceeded. ron insana is here to talk more about what's happening on wall street and what's going to take place as we move forward. let's talk about the fact that jamie dimon was able to get that -- isn't it like a pet -- >> it was stupid as jamie dimon might have actually been an attempt to make a profit on a trade, it was badly supervised. it was badly implemented. all of those things are right. but these $2 billion.
11:26 am
it reduces their profitability for a quarter or so is not a systemic risk. what's really ironic to me, is that when the system almost failed and stan o'neil of merrill lynch and dick fold at lehman brothers, the guys who run aig, golden west and what cove ha wacovia, they all walked away with a golden parachute. facebook might have even more friends on friday, that's when they go public. 25% more. the defense though, on another story, it's expected to wrap shortly in the john edwards trial. but we still have not heard from john edwards himself or from his daughter kate or from rielle hunter. the question is will we? the pride found stabbed to death just hours after her wedding still in her wedding dress. the groom, the may suspect and on the run. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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so developing news in the john edwards criminal trial, the defense on the verge of rersing its case and all without calling the former senator, his daughter kate, or his mistress rielle hunter to the stand. this brings what was expected to be a big day of dramatic testimony to a screeching halt. former federal prosecutor -- there's been a lot of expectation, a lot of talk leading up to this day especially about the potential for testimony from both kate edwards as well as rielle hunter. what does this shoe drop tell us? is this supposed to be taken as a sign of confidence that they're not needed? >> reporter: people were lined up outside this courthouse as early as 6:00 this morning, hoping to see ms. hunter, kate edwards, perhaps john edwards. none of that is going to happen now. the defense had a very good day, made some strong points and they had to weigh the strengths and
11:31 am
weaknesses of calling these witnesses. they had to make the decision this morning of not calling these witnesses in the defense's behalf. >> why wouldn't they want to use kate? >> well, she certainly could have humanized john edwards, but if she appeared to have been called by the defense and by her dad to get sympathy and for no other reason, i think it would have backfired against john edwards because the jury, i think already feels that mr. edwards may have used his campaign staff, may have used mr. young and others. so if kate didn't have anything that was substantive to add in addition to humanizing her father, they liked the state of the -- they were satisfied that they could argue the law to the jury and not risk losing the ground that they feel like they gained yesterday.
11:32 am
i think a lot of people might be disappointed not to see her take the stand, but i think it really could be a torpedo that could sink john edwards ship if she were to get up there. >> the defense did a good job yesterday redirecting the jury's attention to the campaign finance law. that's better ground for john edwards. the mere fact of ms. hunter walking into the court is -- it was just too risky for the defense to -- after they have gone to all the trouble and effort to refocus the jury to bring her in. and apparently she had nothing particularly substantive to add to the defense and so they opted to leave the record where it was, and go forward, and put this case in the hands of defense counsel to argue to the jury to acquit john edwards. >> let's jump back to andrew young and the option that's on
11:33 am
the table to call him back to the stand, correct? >> reporter: they did indicate today that unless they could work out a stipulation they would recall him. the critical part of the testimony in this case is the sex tape. there's been evidence that andrew young apparently tried to sell the sex tape. what we understand is that the parties were trying to work out and see whether they could enter into a stipulation that would address that issue for the jury and as i stepped out of the courtroom to do this interview, they were discussing this. so we'll have to see what the stipulation looks like, but it appears that the defense is going to rest without recalling andrew young and the government has indicated only one rebuttal witness, which is an sec assistant deputy counsel. >> it looks like there's an action going on behind you, can you peek over your shoulder, is somebody arriving? >> yes, there is somebody arriving from a hotel, but certainly someone not on the witness list. so we have had a lot of
11:34 am
speculators today and the cameras are just making sure they get everybody. what happens, interestingly, when the government has a witness, they come in with an escort from the u.s. attorney's office. but when the defense has a witness, they come in by themselves. a little bit different standard going on here, but i certainly don't recognize them. >> i know we made you jump out at a critical time concerning that tape. so we'll let you get back in there. here's a look at some other stories topping the news right now for you. in arizona, high winds are making it difficult for firefighters battling a raging wildfire. the 1,700 acre blaze is threatening a small mining town. meanwhile a second fire burning out of control in northern colorado. the 640-acre fire, only 5% contained. investigators are looking into whether that blaze was set intentionally. the head of the fisher says
11:35 am
th -- the head of the fbi says that they're talking with -- speaking before the senate judiciary committee mostlies ago, director robert muller said that the leak was putting lives at risk and a threat to ongoing investigations of al qaeda. as investigators on wall street prognosticate and they truly over friday's expected release of facebook stock, the company plans to sell even more shares of its stock, if the 421 million shares of stock sell as expected, facebook would become one of the largest ipos in history. meanwhile a question whether the net working site can live up to all the hype, grksz m said that facebook ads had little impacted on consumers. a man is on the run one day
11:36 am
after his wife was found stabbed to death still wearing his wedding dress. he married the mother of his 2-year-old son in chicago on friday. ger r ger rer are's body was -- a violent caught on camera face off with police has accepted a $2 million settlement. the altercation started calmly and then ends with a relentless nine minutes of an apparent beating. two officers face criminal charges in thomas's death. fear on the highways of northwest mississippi. this next story is eye opening and it's where police are putting drivers on alert in mississippi for this deadly gunman who may be posing as a cop. authorities investigating two fatal road side shootings told motorists to exercise caution if they are pulled over and to be vigilant if you think something is wrong. >> if you do feel like there is
11:37 am
a problem or that you're worried about being pulled over, you have a right to put on to your flashing lights and pull to a lighted populated safe area. >> emmy mccause is a reporter for the daily journal in northeast mississippi. she joins us by phone to talk about this. the reason police suspect that these shootings were the result of someone posing as a police officer, why? >> reporter: sure, mostly it's because two people were found dead in their cars on the side of the road, so they suspect that the reason they were on the side of the road is because perhaps they were pulled over by somebody who they thought might have been a police officer. >> so the investigators though say neither of the two victims in this investigation knew each other, but the killings themselves are related and they fear that there could be more. have they talked about motive and what people need to consider and look out for? >> they have not offered any type of motive whatsoever in my
11:38 am
conversations with investigators or in any of the press releases that they have put out. but they are telling motorists that if they are concerned that they're being pulled over by somebody and they're not 100% positive that it is a police officer, a sheriff's deputy or whomever, to put their hazard lights on and drive until they can reach a well lit area, or to call 911 or star 47 and get on the line with a dispatcher and let them know that they are not sure that, you know, that they're being pulled over by a police officer, and until they get confirmation by the dispatcher that it is indeed a police officer. governor romney, yes, yes, that was me, running into the fire, yes, yes. i do shovel know as well. yes, you're very persuasive, but i'm not a number two guy, i'm
11:39 am
not a background singer. mitt, sir, with all due respect, i know you need a big -- >> it's like batman and robin, but it's actually booker and christy, the two new jersey politicians teaming up for a superhero spoof. plus angelina oprah and j-lo have something in common. only two of them made the top ten and one of them is at number one. [ water ] hey, it's me water.
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whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ we bring you back with an update on breaking news where the defense has rested it's case in the corruption trial of john edwards. so here's what that means, it means that john edwards will not testify, kate edwards, his oldest daughter is not going to take the stand. rielle hunter also not going to
11:43 am
be taking the stand. so the prosecution has its chance to call rebuttal witnesses. closing arguments will then be expected from both sides follow those rebuttal witnesses will take place this afternoon. so we'll see after they take a break there how this will go forward, but the defense has rested their case in the john edwards case without calling john edwards, kate edwards or rielle hunt toer to the stand. we are talking about violence in the home, domestic violence, why would anyone be for that? >> the house is scheduled to vote on the violence against women act this evening. this is a bill that the white house has gone on notice saying it doesn't protect all the people that it should. joining us is the congresswoman that introduced that bill sandy adams. it's great to have you here and we have learned that you have added an element to this bill
11:44 am
that includes native americans and immigrants, but excludes members of the lgbt community. >> it does not exclude anyone. it is an all inclusive bill. it has always been an all inclusive bill. and what we have said is that we want it to remain an all inclusive bill. once you're including groups and leaving out groups, it's not all inclusi inclusive. >> do you list native americans? >> what we said was there was some concerns in the way they could approach using the bro protective rules and we have given them that in the u.s. legal courts. it's not listing victim or victim. what we are saying is that this bill is an all inclusive, if you're a victim, you're a victim. it's a victim centered piece of legislation because all victims
11:45 am
are included. >> if it is a victim centered piece of legislation, why wouldn't there be terms about how minority -- >> you keep saying this premise that they're being excluded and they're not being excluded. when you have an issue, and such was brought into the committee, those were domestic issues about how law enforcement may have responded to the case. right now this bill has and always will be a victim center billed which is all inclusive. >> congresswoman, stand by was congresswoman jane chakowski said this. >> this is illustrative of how difficult it is to work with the republicans. it's just sad really that we can't even offer amendments. >> now what is your response to those who say that the environment in washington has
11:46 am
gotten this way, so toxic that something like this, a bill that's been reauthorized since 1994, without such consternation for protecting the rights of victims in domestic violence has been -- >> i would agree that it's ashame that it's gotten this far, it's ashame that the senate has chosen to do what they did. you got to remember, i come from both sides of it. i was once a victim of domestic violence at a very young age, so i then got to see it on the inside. i then became a law enforcement officer and responded to those victims. i understand how important this bill is to the victims of our country. so i'm not going to get in the middle of politicizing this piece of legislation. what i would like to do is see it authorized, reauthorized and it's a shame that those on the other side of the aisle want to politicize this and use it as
11:47 am
another war on women piece of legislation when it should never have been. and i am appalled that some would use this in this manner because this should not and never have been a political issue. >> congress -- doesn't like the phrase war on women, she prefers the phrase assault on women. and she says women on the right have not spoken out for proper family planning and the need for proper family planning for the women in this country. are you willing to speak out on what needs to be done on family planning to address that there's not an assault on women in this countiry? >> we're talking about the violence against women act and this piece of legislation puts more funding to getting the backlog of rape case -- the victim services that they need. and i would believe that you need to go back to what is the intent, the original intent of
11:48 am
this piece of legislation back up to '94, again i was someone who physically found out what domestic violence really is from an abusive husband at the early age of 18 and 19 and someone who was a law enforcement officer who responded to those scenes, worked with those victims, pthe true issue is this is a victim centered bill. >> we're going to be back with much more right after this. now are what you eat, that's particularly true as we get old ever. you can slow the aging process by adding certain foods to your diet. blew berries combat inflammation and help boost memory. owing gert, particularly the greek variety -- even the anti-oxidants in red wine can help prevent cells from aging.
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♪ >> all right. so what do jennifer lopez, steven spielberg and oprah all have in common besides fame and
11:52 am
money? one word, power according to forbes magazine. the list of the top 100 most powerful celebrities is out. along with the usual suspects some on there that could surprise you. randall lane is in new york. it's great to have you here. i want to give viewers a first peek at the top ten. coming in at number ten stephen spell derg, tom cruise, cattie perry, britney spears, lady gaga, rihanna, justin bieber at number three, oprah at number two and the big reveal on number one, j.lo. explain how jennifer lopez is better and more powerful on this list than oprah winfrey. >> it's one of the great comeback stories of the last ten years where this is a woman j.lo, jennifer lopez whose career was kind of left for dead. i mean in the wake of "jersey girl" and gil "i" and her last two albums only sold 200,000 copies.
11:53 am
two words, american idol sum it up. it was a master stroke where in the last year she made more than $52 million. she's been in 46 magazine covers. and she's ubiquitous, about to embark on a worldwide tour. she has a new album. our list measures not just money. she's done very well in the financial department. but also just media influence, twitter followers, internet following. she is ubiquitous right now. >> last year she was 50 and now jumped to number one. explain some of the newcomers that made this list for next year. >> one with a bullet at number four is rihanna who not only did she make over $50 million in the last 12 months but she has 53 million facebook followers. i think that's number two in the entire world. again, a lot of this when we talk about power, we're talking about influence. when you've got 53 million people who are doing what you ask, that's power. >> when we break it down,
11:54 am
genderwise, women are ruling this list. only justin bieber is in there. the 18-year-old canadian phenom. >> that's right. seven of the top eight are women. then we have justin bieber, it's an amazing story. we got to spend a lot of time with him and got inside his finances. he's on our cover. justin bieber is an 18-year-old canadian singer and a venture capitalist. he's putting big bucks into a lot of smart silicon valley startups including spotify. what we chronicled in this issue is how many stars are using influence not to get free things or get a free meal or put their name on a restaurant and get a steak, that's the olds game but to use their influence to get in so they can put their own real money into hot silicon valley deals. that's the new a list perk. >> he's amazing. good to see he's representing the guys on this list. forbes magazine editor randall lane, thanks. that's going to wrap things up for me. i'll see you back here tomorrow
11:55 am
at 11:00 a.m. eastern. until then follow me on twitter @thauxs a roberts. "now with alex wagner" is coming up next. who came in at 101 of forbes list of the most powerful list? >> i too was as 18-year-old venture capitalist but it didn't seem to -- that lemonade stand. anyway, the president and congressional leaders are meeting for lunch. will they order blts with a side of bipartisanship? former governors ed rendell and george pataki will be here to discuss the art of the deal. at the same time, vice president biden is back out on the trail with a live mic. is the white house safe from another joe bomb? and the medal of honor is being awarded later today. journalist david wood will be here to discuss. "now" starts in a mere 180 seconds. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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fresh off his speech to evangelical students this weekend, mitt romney has left behind the burning bush and moved on to the raging prairie fire of dhaebt threatens to burn the country to the ground. joe biden meanwhile has been released from the cone of silence and is back on the campaign trail and john boehner is insisting he's not playing brinkmanship politics. he just wants everyone to act in a quote adult like fashion. it is wednesday may 16th, and this is "now." joining me today, political commentator alicia menendez, nbc news political analyst, former governor ed rendell, former republican governor of new york, george pataki, and msnbc political analyst and former rnc chair the notorious michael steele. >> very


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